CSR Dyandra Media International

The Company is committed that in running its business, the balance of business interests with the empowerment of society and the environment must always be maintained harmoniously. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an effort of the company to align its business strategy with responsibility to the community aiming to improve the quality of life, both for the company itself, the local community and society in general.

Throughout 2017, CSR activities performed by the company are as follows :

  • Social Community Sector
    • Provide parcels for school needs, consumption and compensation to 100 orphans from the Al-Khairi Foundation from Tanjung Priok.
    • In commemoration of the anniversary of Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center & Hotel the company visited and provided support to Sunya Giri Orphanage in the suburb of Denpasar which has 30 foster children.
    • In regards to the eruption of Mount Agung that affected villages and required evacuation to safer locations, Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center & Hotel handed aid and donations to community at the refugee location in Kesimpar village approximately 9 km from the peak of Mount Agung. A number of 316 refugess where at the site.
  • Relligious Sector
    • Commemorating Eid Al-Adha, the company distributed the sacrificial meat through all business units spread in various provinces in Indonesia. The sacrificial meat was distributed to employees and residents surrounding the branch. Through this event, the company expects to streghthen the relationship that have been established between employees and residents surrounding the office location.
    • During Ramadhan, the Company organized fast-breaking rituals events as well as handing out donations to 200 orphans, widows and the poor.
    • The company also participated in Galungan and Kuningan activities in the area around Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center dan Hotel Santika Siligita.
  • Educational Sector

    The company always provides opportunity for schools/ universities to participate in student day, which is held at several exhibition in Indonesia. Amongst others are :
    • MICE Program Polytechnic Jakarta, at the exhibition of Indonesia International Motor Show.
    • MICE Program of Vocational University of Indonesia at exhibition of Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair phase 2.
    • STP Bandung students at the exhibition of Indonesia Future City Expo.
    • STP Bandung students at the music concert Synchronize Festival.